Saturday, 23 June 2018

Cherry, Honeysuckle, & Too Much Fizz

We have been out gathering big, juicy, beautiful Cherries. The ones in the picture above are not yet ripe, they will turn dark red and almost black when they are sweetest and ready to harvest. However, if you want to be sure of beating the birds, you might want to pick them when they are dark red and ripen them in the safety of your windowsill. 
Apparently there is a different sort of Carbon Dioxide crisis now. This one due to a shortage not an excess. Well I can tell you that we have more than enough for now. I have been venting off my  supercharged Elderflower Champage. Normally I can manage this safely, but just occasionally, I fail to re-clip the stopper quickly enough -  with some entertaining results.
I have also been out collecting Honeysuckle, to help with flavouring the latest batch of Unity brewing Co. seasonal ale. My kids love these flowers and suck the nectar out of the backs.

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