Thursday, 22 January 2015

Wrap Up Warm

It might not seem like it, as you dig your way out of several fathoms of bone-cold snow, but the wheel of the year is inexorably tuning toward Springtime. Winter though, is always a lovely time to go for a wild walk and picnic, just be sure to wrap up well. So, dig out your boots, woollies and waterproofs. On recent expeditions to the New Forest, we found several ancient apple trees to add to the map and of course some truly splendid oaks.
Just Look at the Girth on That (photo by Kevin Jenkin)
The days are getting longer; we are one third of the way from Mid-Winter to the Vernal Equinox after all. Soon I may not need to turn my bike lights on as I cycle my chilly, wet way to and from work. 
There's No Such Thing as Bad Weather-Only Inappropriate Clothing

Today I noticed the bright jewel-like buds and flowers of crocuses, just beginning to poke their heads above the frosty grass parapets - always a sight to brighten the heart. 
My Mum has daffodils in flower in her garden but I'm sure this is just a freak occurrence. Catkins, the dangling flowers of the Hazel tree are also making an appearance, much to the delight of children everywhere.
A Frozen Shower of Catkins