Funding Update 2015 

Video/Film Project
We are currently looking for funding for a video project. we have a potential partner who can help us create a short film about the Urbane Forager project. The video will be educational in nature and will really help to spread the word of our activities.
Our aim with this initiative is to reach further into the community and to help other groups to get outdoors and get involved in fun, functional fruit & nut foraging wherever they live.

the Urbane Forager Book
We recently gratefully received funding that enabled us to publish a fantasic book based on the exploits and adventures of the Urbane Forager project. This volume is now available from all normal outlets, please help by leaving good reviews on-line. 

Southampton Airport Community Fund, has enabled us to purchase a new fruit press, milling machine, pickers and pruning tools. This will help us to maintain, harvest and benefit from the Mansbridge Community Orchard.

The Urbane Forager blog has become extremely popular and we are now looking for appropriate partners, sponsorship and funding. We always keep adverts switched off as we have no other way of controlling the suitability of their content (we do not endorse fad-dieting or gambling).
We would be interested in taking workshops for suitable organisations e.g. National Trust / English Heritage / Scouting etc.
We are always in need of high quality equipment to help us to promote our ideas and campaign further. In general this would be common fruit processing equipment. 
Web Site / Design work
We currently have our Community Web Site but this has many limitations and we would like to have a dedicated, well designed and flexible Web Site with our blog embedded. We also need an Urbane Forager logo/header/business card.

Obviously, we spend a great deal of time outdoors during our adventures. We would love to hear from a quality outfitter who would be interested in sponsoring our endeavours by supplying us with appropriately stylish and robust clothing.