Friday, 13 September 2013

Orchard Update

In August, the kids and I whizzed down to the Mansbridge Community Orchard, on our bikes.
We wanted to check out the progress of the apples and they are looking very good this year, we also wanted to pick some blackberries.
On arrival we set about filling our boxes with blackberries and this did not take long. All along the edges of the field the bramble bushes are covered in sweet fat fruit and the children were soon covered in juice.
We continued to check out the fruit trees, which seem to be benefiting from the extra care now being provided. This coming year we aim to start pruning some of the neglected trees properly. This will improve their health and yield  as part of our on-going plan.
We did spot some fly-tipped rubbish in the bushes, it is such a shame to see careless people spoiling the few parks and wild areas that we have left. Ruining your own environment is so stupid, if you can be bothered to carry your garbage to the park, why the hell can’t you get it to a bin or recycling area?
We got back on our bikes and carried on up the Monks Path, crossed the Monk’s Brook, (some idiot had thrown a bike in here). We saw some more nice apples at the delightful St. Mary’s church, before returning via Woodmill and a game of what we like to call (but probably no one else would) tennis, in the park.
Eventually it was time to get home and cook dinner. Tired and happy we headed back home; we had definitely had our recommended dose of daily exercise and sunshine. Needless to say, we had Blackberries for pudding…

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