Friday, 20 June 2014

I Spy Cherry Pie

We have been taking advantage of the sunny weather and collecting more Cherries in St Deny’s.
They're Big
This time the children and I found a lovely tree, laden with big fat ripe fruit that was just right for picking.
They're Tasty
We could reach some by hand and my daughter and I used pickers for the higher ones.
They're Easily Reached

My son, who enjoys climbing was placed into the lower branches, from where he scrambled up and proceeded to drop any Cherries that he could not fit into his mouth, into our pickers.
They're Coming Home!
It was only a short while before we were trooping off, back over Cobden Bridge; our faces and fingers smeared with juice and bearing our trophy of a large Tupperware box overflowing with tasty red fruit.

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