Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Choose the Best Jacket

Well the solar eclipse was a bit of a damp (cloudy) squib where we were, but never mind there's a lunar eclipse in September and another solar one coming to the UK in 84 years or so...
Meanwhile, something that requires more immediate attention is choosing your favourite book cover from the 3 images below. 
Please leave feedback and select your favourite, there will be a free signed book in the post for the most helpful comments, when they actually arrive.
Number One, Seasons

Number Two, Cherries

Number Three, Illustration
We hope you like the look of these book jackets. 
Please do leave comments, it really helps. 
I think it is a difficult choice, but that is a good thing.


  1. Hope I'm not too late! My favourite is no. 2 with the cherries because:
    - it's the most striking of the three. I would pick that book up first. No.1 looks like a gardening book and no 3 looks like a vintage crockery or pottery book to me
    - it epitomises the reason for foraging!
    - it looks modern and the white text stands out well

    Good luck Alan!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Linda.
      We have actually decided on the cover now and it is the same one you chose! This was by far the most popular among the people who gave me feedback, it was also the designers favourite.
      My photography skills must be improving ;-)
      The book is now finished and will be available soon.
      Keep an eye on this blog for a book signing event in June.