Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Wandering about in Winter

Long Shadows
Hopefully, you have all had a pleasant and peaceful time over the Christmas/New Year period. 
I had a good rest despite having to build a couple of wardrobes and a book case. Actually, to be fair, my son did a lot of the work; he's very good with instructions and apparently, I am not!
Crab Apple Warfare
I even managed to purchase a small Apricot tree, which I will soon plant in our allotment.
the remains of the Naked Man
We did get outdoors quite a bit during the holiday and enjoyed walking with friends in the New Forest and Micheldever Woods. Micheldever wood is a nice place to wander, especially when the bluebells are out but it is a bit too close to the M3 motorway for my liking and the constant rumble in the background can be distracting. 
Difficult to Navigate on Foot
The last walk in the New Forest was an old favourite of ours that takes in beautiful open heath, what's left of the Naked Man (where, in ancient days, highwaymen were hung in a gibbet), some lovely woodland, a disused train station that has been turned into a tea shop and a walk down the Avon water.
Assistance from the Children
However, after a fairly heavy rainfall the last section alongside Avon Water was extremely boggy. This did not bother the children who were well equipped with Wellington boots but our walking boots and shoes could have done with being a few inches higher to help us through the quagmire.
Good Landscape for Wellies
It was challenging at times but, as I like to say, nobody died!

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