Tuesday, 27 June 2017

More Cherries

We have been picking more Cherries. It seems to be a very good year for them and we are spotting trees filled with fat fruit all over the place.

We have a small tree in our garden and the weight of the cherries plus the obese pigeons attempting to gobble our fruit had even snapped some of the branches.

I duly attached a sheet of wire netting, like a roof over the top of the tree, to protect it from the marauders. The smaller birds could still get underneath but it defeated the largest ones until the Cherries were ready for harvesting.

The tree is not even as tall as I am but the fruit was plentiful, sweet and juicy. 
The next thing to ripen will be the Plums and they are also going to be prolific. If you want to share in this bounty, keep an eye on this blog to join us for a Plum Picknik (tba).

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