Friday, 16 March 2012

Tasty Testing

Delicious Poached Pears
The benefits of storing and preserving fruit can be still enjoyed when the fruit is not in season. We cracked open a jar of Poached Pears, as a tribute to the two recently lost trees. I’m pleased to report that they tasted fantastic, especially when warmed up and combined with a healthy dollop of ice-cream.  The Perry made from those pears tastes great too.

Even Better Heated-Up With Ice Cream

I’m not terribly good at leaving things to mature – especially if it’s something I am partial too.
Blackberry Wine, Pear &Walnut Chutney, Mansbridge Apples
When I was decanting the blackberry wine on a cold night recently, I thought – “I’d better just taste a small sample, just for research …”

Home Made Chutney

Considering it was nowhere near finished, it tasted surprisingly agreeable and looked even better. I syphoned off a whole glassful, just to be sure.
Perky Cherry Plum Country Wine
Then I thought, “Hmmmmm, what would go well with a lovely red tipple such as this?” Cheese, chutney and apple, of course!” I answered.
My Fully Stocked (Home-Made) Wine Rack
I cracked open a jar of the Chunky Pear and Walnut that we made during the summer, slathered a few Ryvita, sliced up a Mansbridge apple and a desolate cucumber end that I found lurking in the fridge, turned up the radiator and set about the important business of testing the produce.
That jar did not last long and we have since fully approved Delia’s Dowerhouse (I know what one is now) and the Green Tomato varieties which, on reflection may compliment a well-developed cheese, perhaps with an immature Elderberry Port,  a perky Plum Wine or better still a strapping glass of Vin de Noix

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