Thursday, 19 April 2012

Bluebells Held To Ransoms

Pale Splendor
The yellow glare of daffodils that bought us through March has now faded. However, if you frequent your local woodland, you may find that there is green & blue baize of bluebells currently making an appearance.
White Bluebells
The pale splendour these quintessential April flowers will not be with us for long this year, apparently, due to the drought conditions. Having said that, I have seen at least a months-worth of rain this week already; it certainly felt like that on my cycle to and from work.
Mauve Bluebells
We have bluebells in our garden but both Grandmas tell us that they are part of the Spanish Armada of invasive/non-native types.
A Carpet of Bluebells
This year, I have made a special effort to locate the ephemeral and suitably delicate, native variety on my wandering and photograph these pretty little beauties while I can. Bluebells appear in many different pastel shades including blue, purple, pink and white.
A Rainy April Walk Atop Welshbury Hillfort
Also available around this time, Ransoms (Wild Garlic) are ready for picking. These plants are easily located by their strong fragrance, if they are growing in your vicinity.
Wild Garlic aka Ransoms
Chopped Ransom leaves can make a perky addition to your kitchen – my daughter also enjoys just chewing on a freshly picked leaf when we are out.
A Green Carpet of Ransoms
A delicious recipe for Ransom Quiche can be found on our Community Website.

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