Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Plucking Plump Plums

Plums come in a rainbow of hues and when ripe, they will drop from the branch, into your hand with the merest of touches.
Each variety will also have a unique shape and taste; they are sweet, flavoursome and very bountiful at the moment.
Our Plum Picknik was a great success but it was almost rained off by a sudden and heavy downpour. 
Fortunately, those that braved the unpredictable weather were treated with a sweet, brightly coloured feast. As soon as an actual rainbow was visible we scrambled off to the trees and quickly gathered a pretty hoard to take home.
Once enough fruit had been picked, we had a quick game of football/frisbee with the gaggle of children who had come along.
Then we rewarded ourselves with some delicious home baked plum muffins and cracked open some elderflower champagne to celebrate the first fruit of the year (we brought some of our ginger beer for the kids).
The elderflower champagne exploded in a somewhat potent manner, blowing the ceramic top clean off the bottle, it still tasted great though.
My daughter also spotted (and gobbled up) the first ripe blackberry of the season, a real bonus.
There are still bucket loads of plums in this area, if anyone would like to collect some. I aim to bring a few samples along to my Arthouse Cafe talk (if they have not already been scoffed). - This event takes place this Thursday evening, at 7.30, just in case you had forgotten.

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