Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Telegraph Hill

Telegraph woods has a wonderful avenue of coppiced chestnut trees there are also pine trees and broadleaved oaks.

Towering Chestnut Trees
The woods also play host to an old Armada beacon and an even more ancient Iron Age hill fort. A diverse and truly fascinating landscape all tucked away in one small spot.

Coppiced Avenue
It is a handsome and intriguing place for a short autumnal walk and also a great place to collect Sweet Chestnuts. In places an eerie quiet descends, all sound muffled by the pine needles.
Eerie Exposed Root Systems in the Fort
Always be prepared; bring boots stout gloves and bags or a coat with big pockets.
Steep Banks of the Enclosure Now Pine Covered
Your main competitors will be the vast number of squirrels that inhabit the wood as well as the noisy jays.

A Fairytale Vista
Fill the coat pockets with your brown beauties and collect a few dry sticks while you are there.
A Squirrel's Breakfast Table
Then you can use the twigs to build a little fire to warm your extremities and roast your nuts on when you get home.

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