Tuesday, 1 July 2014

I Predict a Picknik

I don’t normally like to make predictions but it is looking like a great Summer for produce. Possibly this is due to the replenished water table and the warmth of spring. 
There still are loads of Cherries and I have already noticed an abundance of PlumsHazelnuts and young Apples.
When the fruit comes, it tends to come all at once, often there is simply too much to deal with. We have had learned about preservation and storing of the excess that we always get. 
You can get far greater yields by working out what to do, where to go, and by utilising the freezer better.
Plums are going to be a case in point soon; there are loads growing and I have already picked my first ripe ones of the year. 
Plums taste great and can be eaten straight off the trees, of course. They can also be used to make chutney, jam, wine, pies, prunes and a myriad of other things.

I think we will need to organise a Cherry Plum Picknik, in a couple of weeks. 
Everyone can come and fill their boots, or possibly a basket or bicycle pannier. Actually, seeing as there are so many in the trees, a car with a decent trailer might be more appropriate. More details soon-don't touch that dial!
At the allotment, our Tayberry bush went into overdrive. We have been eating them straight off the bush, out of the fridge, and with ice cream. I have also added a good load to a Kilner jar filled with gin! I confidently predict that this will become a favourite delicious Summer tipple.
The Blackberries are lining up for a good year too and I have already seen an abundance of flowers as well as plenty of unripe green berries.

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