Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Mansbridge Community Orchard Campaign #2

On my second visit I investigated the other side of the green, where I met Richard, a local man, in amongst the trees.
Richard said that people constantly moan about the economy but he has never seen anyone else (apart from me) picking the abundant free fruit available here. He has three small freezers in his flat – filled to the brim with stewed apples, blackberries and other fruit. He also makes jams, chutney, pies and anything else he can find recipes for.
Like myself, Richard had created his own fruit picking tool kit, he also advised me where another local walnut tree was - and a big cranberry bush.
In exchange, I shinned up the apple tree and dropped fruit down for him to catch until we had filled his bag up.
I then showed him the huge Comice Pears on a nearby tree.
So he helped me pick enough Sloes to make Sloe Wine and Sloe Gin.
Reciprocation, cooperation, teamwork, collaboration sharing community – call it what you will - it is always a potent thing.
If you are a mover or a shaker - please visit the new Campaign Page and get involved in the Campaign for a Community Orchard in Mansbridge.

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  1. Good for you. (Literally). I was taught the benefits of free hedge food on welsh blackberry clifftops in the 70s. You have clearly made an effort, best I can offer is one of my first inexperienced posts last year when I and 7 of my nursery mates scrumped blackberries, elderberries and apples on some post-war reclaimed land. OK so most of ours went in the muesli, but others made pies. You are the nearest commenter on any of my posts, quinces @ the RSH?? I was in there once...
    Hooray for everything,