Tuesday, 8 November 2011

What Shall We Do During Winter?

Autumn is now well established and Winter is always a lean time for foraging, we have had our first frost and cold weather is clearly on its way. I have been wondering what to write about; obviously I want to keep you, dear readers, amused, entertained and even enthralled. So I thought I would ask you what you would like to see?
A Muddy/Icy Walk/Ride in Wickam
As a family we still get out and about a lot during the cold season and I still take lots of lovely pictures. I could for instance show you how I built the supersonic pallet sledge.
The Pallet Sledge, Out Slides Anything On The Slopes
I can report back on the success or otherwise of our various chutneys and wines. We can celebrate the Winter Solstice in style. I’m certain we can have a go at making Xmas decorations and wreaths.
Making Decorations Last Year
I have a great plan for Xmas sweet treats, which could also make nice presents. We can organise some wassailing activities in the Lost Orchard of Mansbridge. I could write a book/manual on Urbane Foraging, and publish it in time for next spring. Or maybe you have something you would like to ask/suggest?
Actually, if my plan for a Community Orchard goes according to design, there will be plenty for us all to get excited about...


  1. Would love to see more about the sledge, especially any design that could be built by someone who finds it a challenge to put up a shelf.

  2. Feedback, that's what I like.
    The sledge was built by me, last year and if I can make one - anyone can.
    You need a small pallet or half of a big one, a saw and some screws.
    The thing that makes it really fast is the runners - so I'll photograph it close up and include rough instructions - or make a new one. Let's hope it snows then eh?

  3. Just please carry on as you have been! A great Blog - fab photos and great ideas! Thank you!
    My sloes are soaking beautifully in gin - must wait till Christmas before trying! Last year's has all gone! Blackberry wine gurgling away nicely, rosehip cordial was yummy but all gone now! Squirels got to the hazel nuts before me this year...found some chestnuts in Devon and roasted some....must remember to slit the skins in future! have a selection of jams using foraged crab apples, sloes & rosehips in store...wassailing activities sounds interesting
    ...could be good to meet with other like minded foragers!

  4. Hi Maggie
    Thanks for the support. I'm glad to see you have been so active, it's all out there, still loads of apples and sloes to be snaffled.
    I was a bit slow on the walnuts and chestnuts, due to being so busy but seasons change and there will be more next year.
    Maybe we will meet for Wassailing in our own Community Orchard...