Friday, 13 January 2012

Signs of Spring - In January?

A Blooming Frosty Rose in January!

I don’t want to perpetuate the myth that people in England just talk about the weather all the time, but it has been a rubbish Winter so far. In fact, compared to last year when we had lots of snow, frost and ice; December and January have been positively Springlike.
Snowdrops Out in December!
Hopefully, making statements like this will tempt fate and Jack-Frost will soon return with a vengeance, we certainly had a frost this morning. Everyone moans about the cold but it does make the arrival of Spring so much more welcome and wonderful, when it finally comes.
Frost on Wild Strawberry Leaves...
At the moment, we have bluebells in our garden and wild roses in bloom alongside last season’s hips.
I'll Have Some of That For My Frost Collection
I have even spotted trees with fresh blossom on them and the hedgerows are showing the green/brown hues of rising sap when they ought to be barren and grey.

A Decent Hoar Frost Will Soon Put a Stop to All This Nonsense

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