Monday, 25 June 2012

Sweet as Cherry Pie

You know Summer has truly arrived when you are picking cherries. This fact is still true, even if it is the wettest June on record.

Someone Has Beaten Us To It

We braved the showery weather and nipped out to see what we could get. First stop was the tree where I work in Hedge End but most of these had been eaten by birds ;-(
We did get a few here though and I enjoyed watching the kids test the cherries on the adjacent tree, which look lovely but taste quite foul  - I did warn them but maybe they didn’t believe me because they tried them anyway.
Then we spotted another tree full of fairly small ripe looking fruit. These were delicate, almost translucent cherries and they tasted good to eat. This put a smile on our faces and we set about picking/eating as many as we could.


It wasn’t long before it started raining again but by this point we had already bagged ourselves a couple of Kilos. So, it was back to base with our fruity booty; we checked out a few other potential trees on our way home.
Expect further cherry related exploits and recipes in the near future as the various trees ripen and we dual, hand to wing if necessary with our avian adversary. Till then, it’s cherries all round during the annual disappointment of Wimbledon.

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