Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Cherry Picknik Anyone?

Can't Reach These!

I went out for a walk around the area of Hedge End where we picked our cherries last time and was pleased to note that there were plenty more close by waiting to be gathered.
Big Sweet Red and Juicy

I also found a tree with some tasty larger cherries by the side of the path, so I decided to spend a little time seeing how many I could reach. It was a bit tricky because I had no picker and there were lots of stinging nettles but I grabbed a bagful anyway.
My Fruity Lunchbox

I also noticed on my rounds that baby hazel nuts are now visible, although not nearly ready for picking. That will have to wait a month or two yet.
A Nut Cluster 

However, the cornucopia of Cherry Plums, Mirabelle’s, Bullace, Greengages etc. (cue long list of different and confusing names) are looking bountiful and they look as if they will ripen in a week or two. Rest assured, I’ll be keeping my eye on them.
Pluckable Plums

Till then, if anyone fancies a Cherry Picknik in Hedge End (close to the railway station), please register your interest here, by email or on the Facebook, Mansbridge Community Orchard page.

The Tester Passes Verdict


  1. Hi, Alan. It's Eleanor from "Birding in the Garden". Whilst out for a run, Dad spotted a tree loaded with small plum-like fruits, not yet ripe. We visited it again today and found that the whole row of bushes were in fact plums! Some were red and ripe now (we had to jump to pick them) and we had a taste. DELISHIOUS! We did not bring a container, so only picked a handful. We are keeping the location a secret for now.... We also have a cherry tree outside the back gate, plus brambles (blackberries) and a hazel. The highest cherries are ripe and the birds are in, but we will be picking soon! Good foraging!

  2. Hi Eleanor.
    Good work with the plums. You will get heaps off those bushes and they can be real tasty.
    What will you make with them, pies, jam or just eat them? ;-)
    I must recommend you blog to everyone...
    Go and visit it now folks!
    I love the bird photos too, keep up the good work and please do always mention your blog when you post here.