Thursday, 2 May 2013

Cherry Blossom

At long last (about a month later than last year) the cherry blossom has finally bloomed; bursting along the tendril like branches.
The more picturesque and complex blossoms are designed to be ornamental; they look fabulous but will not normally produce fruit.
The more plain white flowers still look wonderful, especially as we have been so long under the chilly spell of spring. Knowing that they may later produce fruit, makes the prospect even sweeter.
I even spotted a cherry tree reaching out over the Itchen River, so we might have some water bound fun here later on.
It’s certainly looks a good spot for a Swallows and Amazons style Picknik shipmates!
Now is the time to spot where the cherry trees are in your neighbourhood, the florid trees are easy to spot and they are everywhere in the city.
No Prizes for guessing this location!
The ancient and eldrich Elder trees are getting ready to flower too, and the beautiful Bluebells are finally showing in woodland glades. Park Wood should look glorious for the festival but this Saturday, we are going to Butser Ancient Farm, for a brilliant Beltain.
Elder Ahoy!

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