Friday, 14 February 2014

Solent Storm Warning

We popped down to Leap Beach, in the New Forest to check out the weather in the Solent. The wind was savage and it was difficult to walk into it due to flying sand stinging our faces. The vista was slate grey, the foam streaked sea was whipped into an angry rage. We ate our picnic lunch from the safety of the car, before venturing out into the howling wind.

Every now and then the low, thin sun came slanting out from beneath the clouds. This contrast gave us some respite from the persistent weather and the lovely shearing light created long shadows off the beach groins and scuttling sea-birds.
Despite the havoc wreaked by the relentless storms that have lashed the South of the UK, the jewel-like crocuses continue to spring from the sodden turf; brightening my cycle ride to and from work. I have even spotted plum blossom buds, preparing to burst open.
Speaking of work, my lunch box is still packed with healthy nuts and apples that we picked last Summer/Autumn. The apples have been tucked away in our shed for the last 5 months and they are still crisp and tasty.
Apple from the Common
Walnuts and Hazelnuts will keep for ages; I keep ours in wicker baskets in the house and they are lasting very well this year. I spend 20 minutes cracking the shells off and then chuck a few raisins into the mix.

We still have some Poached Pears, preserved in syrup. I bottled these last year and they make a delicious evening treat for a stormy night. I love them heated up and served with a dollop of vanilla ice cream…

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