Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Beer 4 Nettles

This is the kind of offer that you will not see very often!
Get rid of your accused Stinging Nettle patch and we will exchange them all for lovingly crafted ale (or cider).
Young Nettle Shoots, Last Year's Old, Dead Stalks Still Visible 
However, this is not as simple as it may seem; we require a lot of nettles (5 Kg). Also, we want them within two weeks, and they have only just started to grow. We need your help - so - get involved...
Pick Me!
We need these nettles to create a new seasonal wild beer in conjunction with the Unity Brewing CoIf you know where there is a BIG patch of nettles let me know the location. If you can pick them yourself, store them in a plastic bag and deliver them, either to me or to the Unity Brewing Co, that would be even better.
1Kg of Bagged Nettles - Young Shoots Visible on the Ground
Finally, we need to get this done by the end of the first week of March at the latest. In order to meet brewing deadlines. Please get back to me/comment if you can help.
You Might Spot Some Ransoms
We will personally supply a bottle of Unity Beer or Urbane Forager's cider (soft drinks for children), to anyone who can deliver 500g of nettles, in time. If you can deliver less than this amount, please still bring them. You will have, not only our thanks and gratitude, but also you will be able to tell your friends that you contributed to the making of this fine beer.
Notice where these are!
Now, get outside with your gardening gloves (plastic carrier bags are an alternative) and long sleeves and help us to create a huge quantity of high quality Spring, Stinging Nettle based brew. This unique offer will end, once we reach our 5Kg target.

Printemps release party Fri April 13th!

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  1. Loads of nettles at the Portsmouth Road end of Botany Bay Road, and at Miller's Pond.