Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Beautiful Beeches

Beautiful Beeches in the New Forest
As I mentioned in the Autumn Abridged entry, Rufus Stone is one of my favourite New Forest destinations around this time of year.

A Fallen Beech

This time we were surprised by how many green leaves and beech-masts were still clinging to the majestic trees but this only increased their splendour.
Beech Masts Drop Their Nuts In Autumn
You can eat beech nuts or use them to make oil but they are damn fiddly.
Many of the Trees Have Names and Messages Carved
A great many people have left their own marks on these great trees; almost every large trunk was festooned with names and dates. Traditional tagging I gues you could call it.

It's a Jungle Out There. Well, a Forest Anyway

It’s one of those places where you can choose to follow the tracks and paths. Or you can go off Piste a bit if you prefer, although you might find yourself trapped in a holly thicket or a boggy mire.

All Ready for Xmas
 The greeny gold of the beech was set off very nicely by the holly, which was loaded with berries, another potential sign of an impending cold winter. We had lunch at the Sir Walter Tyrrel (he who shot Rufus) pub and could have easily eaten outdoors it was so warm.
Feed Me Now!
My daughter makes friends easily (with animals) and was going around recruiting other children to help feed her Donkey.
Very Prickly
I wandered off and found a tangled thicket of prickly crab apple trees on the common opposite the pub.
Crab Apples
Then we wandered back and I set off to photograph my favourite trees in the fading light, whilst the kids continued with various climbing and balancing challenges.
Steady On
I like it when the late afternoon shallow sun, filters through the the trees creating contrasting shades.
The Shard
There are a lot of fallen giants here, as if some catastrophic event bought them down but they all add to the etherial beauty of the place.

Shattered Beauty

Some of the trees look like pale ghosts in the thin light.
Ghost Trees
Some of them just remind me of giant squids!

The Kraken Wakes!

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