Friday, 27 July 2012

Arthouse Cafe talk

A quick entry to thank everyone who turned up for the Arthouse Cafe for my talk about the Urbane Forager project. The talk was arranged through Transition Southampton.

It was a great night and very well attended; my children also enjoyed being involved and staying up past their normal bedtime.

If you want to be invited on future free events and fruit and nut based adventures, simply contact me with your email, either through this blog or via my community website and you will be informed of any activities.

Plump Plums - Help Yourself!


  1. Thanks so much for your inspiring talk. We popped out the very next day and foraged ourselves about 4kg of plums! Fantastic!

  2. Hi Jon
    Thanks for coming along and helping to make it such a success.
    Engagement and involvement is exactly what we are trying to achieve. Last year I made some very nice cherry plum wine from the trees by the cricket pitch.
    There are also lots of nice, larger, purple plums in Chesil Nature reseve on the River Itchen.
    This is a nice spot to pick from because of the pretty location.
    Also, oodles in Hedge End on the Botley Rd but this is possibly further to travel and on a busy main Rd.

  3. Yeah, we stocked up in Hedge End and Eastleigh. We also found a few more trees - is it possible to add them onto your wonderful Fruit Map?

  4. Hi Jon
    Sorry about the late reply, we've been away.
    Good to hear you have been scouting about and picking.
    If you want to contribute to the fruit map you will need permissions setting up, for which I need your email.
    Send this via my contact or the community website and I'll sort it out.