Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Get Ready for the Rush

On a recent run about, I realised that Mother Nature had finally got around to bringing forth he bounty and (after waiting so long) it looks like it's going to arrive all at once. 
Elderflowers are still blossoming, which is quite late. My Elderflower Champagne is already going down a storm.
Some trees will have young, green Elderberries on them at the same time and flowers. I'm going to be making Elderberry Port again this year - it was/is lovely.
Cherries are still ripening on many trees, although some have already finished fruiting. A lot of cherry trees have shrivelled leaves and even mouldy cherries -  probably something to do with the persistent wet weather.
Cherry Plums
Plums are beginning to ripen nicely now and I have already picked and eaten some. I will soon be organising a plum Picknik, so don't touch that dial. There will be a real bounty of these tasty beauties so please register your interest asap, if you want to come along.
Yummy Plums
Hazelnuts are looking surprisingly early and some look like they might be ready by late July.

Blackberries are flowering and young fruit is already visible on some bushes. I might make more Blackberry Wine this year too.
Bramble Flowers

Walnuts are currently green and unripe, it’s too late now for picking them for pickled green walnuts or Vin de Noix, this is best done in June when the shells are not yet formed. I always think they are best ripe anyway.
Green Walnuts

Apples & Pears can now be seen on the trees, although they are far too small and unripe to eat, they give you an idea of the crop due to arrive in autumn.
Crab Apples

Chestnut trees are beginning to develop flowers and will soon be smothered in bunches of furry octopus like flowers.
Sloes are visible on the Blackthorn bushes now, they are green and will not ripen for months.

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