Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Ginger Beer

I was wondering what to do with a young boy on a very rainy Saturday, when it suddenly occurred to me that we had not yet made our summer quota of Ginger Beer.
We dashed out to the local shops under the cover of an umbrella and then scrambled back home with lemons, too much root ginger and a bag of sugar. I already had yeast and cream of tartar from in my wine making equipment.
The next step was to clean the bottles, this kept my son busy while I sliced and squeezed the lemons. I also let him smash the root ginger up with the pestle and mortar.
The rest was boiling water and yeast preparation. Once bottled, we left the mixture for one night, and then we skimmed off the solids with a sieve and bottled it.

The next day we had lovely fizzy Ginger Beer with our tea plus enough to last us for a few weeks more.

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