Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A Wild (Garlic) Walk in the Woods

We will be going on a trip to Devon soon. The West Country is attractive at any time of the year but is especially lush during the summer months.
A Steep Woody Walk
The last time we visited, earlier this year, the weather was dreadful; repeat with thunder, fog, gales and various other forms of general stormy dampness.

We were undeterred and donning sandals and waterproofs we took the scenic route to the beach via the various wooded foot paths that criss-cross the local maps.
Told You it was Stormy
It is not uncommon to catch the whiff of Wild Garlic (Ransoms) as you wander down the delightful lanes that exist in these parts; we found an absolute abundance of it in these woods.
Fields of Garlic
Apart from the bulbs being a traditional deterrent to Vampires; Wild Garlic (leaves and flowers) can be used in all manner of interesting recipes and salads. It can even be used to make pesto to go with your pasta or pizza.

Ransom Quiche (London Forager)
  •   5 eggs
  •   large handful of wild garlic or ransoms (leaves)
  •  handful of grated cheddar cheese
  • splash of milk
  • handful of spinach 
  • a couple of rashers of bacon 
  • small onion
  • pack of ready-made short crust pastry
Chop and sweat the onions, add the bacon and fry till crispy.
Mix the eggs, cheese, milk and roughly-chopped wild garlic (or Ransom) - and season to taste.
Roll out the pastry and put into a pastry case.
Sprinkle the (optional) bacon & onion on the pastry and tip in the cheese mix.
Cook in oven on a medium heat for 40 mins or so.

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