Monday, 27 August 2012

Squashed Blackberries!

During a quick visit to our shared allotment, the children soon picked and devoured the last of the Summer Raspberries and Blueberries, which had been safely tucked up inside the fruit cage. The Autumn Raspberries and Tayberry bush were looking good and strong and both needed tying to wire frames and stakes.
The real surprise though was the Squash plant, which had been busily growing all over the place. A quick rummage under the dense foliage exposed a couple of fat, weighty vegetables as well as several smaller versions and flowers steadily developing.
After a stint of weeding and cutting, I realised that the place had turned surprisingly peaceful; the children had vanished. I eventually found them delving about the boundary fence, their faces and hands smeared with so much Blackberry juice that I nearly phoned the emergency services.
I persuaded them to gather some to take home and supplied appropriate Tupperware boxes. True to form the kids quickly redeemed more from the hedgerows surrounding the plot than from our attempts at cultivation (I left the squash to fatten further).
We froze most of the sweet, shiny hoard for later on but as a reward the pickers had Blackberries and Bananas with Ice Cream for pudding that night. This is a dish I can wholeheartedly recommend and it makes a refreshing change from the old favourites of Blackberry & Apple pie/crumble; both of which I also find great pleasure in.
About this time of year, everyone should also be keeping their eyes open for Hazelnuts and Walnuts (id Sheet now updated), which will be ripening imminently.

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