Thursday, 30 August 2012

Purple Plums

Many people have commented on the rainbow of colours, shapes and sizes of the different plums that we have been picking this year.
So we thought it would be nice to show that it is also possible to collect some nice fat purple plums; just like the type that you might expect to buy in your local green-grocer or supermarket.
Unfortunately, when we located these ones, we were not fully prepared. Although improvisation can be less effective, it is often much more fun.
Regardless of any equipment deficit, we came away with enough juicy, ripe, bloomy plums to keep us going for a couple of days.


  1. That sounds cool. Massive whopper plums for free! I would love to find a tree laden with them. Well done to you for finding your "big purple ball of tastiness" stash. Hope we find one soon!

  2. I found a couple of more trees in Hedge End yesterday during my lunch.
    The plums on one of the two were truly massive.
    I took some pictures of a butterfly on them, which I will post soon.

  3. we have just found a tree sagging with them! Just past Wyevale garden centre on Bartons Road. Took ten minutes to pick 3 kilos! EPIC!!!!! And that was only about a fifth of the fruit on the tree! If we can get into the field behind, the trees go all around the edge. I sorted them out to see if any were diseased or not, and lots of them had Plum Moth larvae inside them. Still got two kilos though. Have any idea what we can make with 2 kilos of plums?

  4. Sounds great you can make; jam, pie, crumble, cordial, pudding, chutney or just eat them while they are fresh.