Sunday, 2 September 2012

Apples Hazelnuts, Plump Plums and Butterflies

It was lunchtime, so I thought I’d go for a leisurely jog about the area to see how the apples and Hazelnuts were ripening up.
It didn’t take long before I saw the tell-tale clue of squirrel snacking; they had been nibbling away at the green hazelnuts, while the shells were still soft.
I also picked up a few brown shelled nuts, a sure sign that fresh ripe nuts are only a week or so away and we still have some left from our last year’s mammoth horde.
When I reached the apple trees, some looked a little battered by the wettest Summer on record for 100 years. Last night was also the coldest August night on record; not ideal conditions for fruit.
although some trees have not fared well, other apples looked quite fine and a few were already dropping the odd windfall fruit.
I continued further along my route and discovered a couple of yellow/orange plum trees by the roadside and then turned into some woodland.
In the dappled shade my eye was caught by a pair of playful butterflies. I tracked their fluttering forms, hoping to catch a nice photo and when the alighted on a small tree I seized the opportunity to get closer.
It was only as I closed, stealthily, on my intended prey that I realised that they had settled on a plum tree.
They had come to have a quick snack of fresh plum juice. The plums were gigantic and succulent, so I thought that I might as well have a couple too, while I was there…

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  1. The buttterfly is a Speckled Wood. The plums look nice. Have to check for plum-sucking butterfly holes though!