Monday, 1 October 2012

Hedge End Apples

One of my Favourite Trees
As if on cue, the weather suddenly shifted as the Autumnal Equinox fell. The Indian summer we had been enjoying turned cold, windy and wet.
Official Taster
Fortunately, we made the most of the last sunshine on Saturday by nipping out to Hedge End to pick some more apples.
Each Apple is off a Different Tree
There are several trees in this location and although it has been a bad year generally for fruit, some trees have still managed to do the business.
10Kg Small Cider Makeweight Apples
We will be storing nice apples for the winter months and converting any that are not good enough into apple juice or cider.
13.5 Kg Bucket-Load of Different Varieties
Past experience has demonstrated which trees grow the tastiest eaters and the best cooking keepers.
12 Kg Best Eaters for the Apple Store
Having said this, we are not fussy with our fruit; we know that knobbly apples can conceal the sweetest flavour and the fruit that is the sharpest to savour, crushes to create the coolest cider.
One Half of the Apple Store Filled
We filled our boot with a healthy 35.5 Kg…


  1. That's a very professional looking apple store, did you make it? Alison

  2. It's great isn't it?
    You can see it better here,
    I didn't make it though.
    A very kind friend donated it. It was pretty tatty originally and had wood worm but I tidied it up enough to use.
    You can still buy them from Harrod's (garden store not of London). Alternatively, just wrap them in newspaper and store in the shed in green grocers boxes.

  3. loving your blog...delicious-looking fruits..

  4. They are indeed delicious and we are still eating them now, 6 months later ;-)
    Pleased you are enjoying the blog.