Friday, 19 October 2012

Mansbridge Community Orchard

Is it just me, or is the weather becoming more interesting? I’m talking here about the forecast on the radio, not the atmospheric conditions outside. People have often stated the “interesting fact” that Eskimos have fifty words for snow; I think that the British must have at least that many for rain. I guess it makes broadcasting less boring if you deploy the odd euphemism and dig up ancient adages.
The other day the forecaster said, of the UK weather,
Regardless of where you are in the country - If it’s raining where you are, it will continue for the rest of the day. If it’s not currently raining, it will be soon.”
Pretty simple and direct but this morning, the lovely chap on Radio 4 stated that this weekend we will experience…
“The mists and mellow fruitfulness of autumn, as opposed to gales.”
All of which is pretty good news for anyone who wants to join in at the Mansbridge Community Orchard, where people will be picking and pressing apples (about 2:00 – 4:30 pm this Sunday) …

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