Monday, 22 October 2012

More Hedge End Apples

While wandering around Hedge End I located a few smaller apple trees by the roadside.
One of these trees was covered in lovely little, dark red eating apples. They were ripe, tasty and plentiful, covering the branches and causing them to droop down. Surprisingly, no one had picked them.
A few metres further on, another tree was filled with hard green fruit which had quite a sharp tang to it, cookers!
I came back to the little trees at the weekend with my son and he was soon up and at ‘em whilst I got busy with the apple picker.
In under an hour we had filled our two big builders buckets and were heading back home again with our boot full of booty (about 30 Kgs); even so there was still plenty of fruit left on both of the trees.
There was another tall tree with delicious rosy eating apples but this one was in a more dangerous place next to the road. I grabbed a couple for the store but decided to leave the rest until I could arrange some adult help…
The following weekend I popped back with my friend Loz and quickly hoovered up as many of these crunchy beauties as we could reach with the picker. We must have got at least 10 Kgs, which are now all safely stashed in the apple store. All the rest will be pressed into juice or made into cider...

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