Thursday, 9 January 2014

Winter Warmers

Happy New Year Readers.
Lighting Over the Itchen River
The weather here has been relentless and unforgiving; we did manage to enjoy the storms in Devon after Xmas but beyond this we have been largely confined to quarters.
A Huge Beech Tree - Blown Down on Cheesefoot Head
After bottling up another batch of Elderberry Port, and with Sloe and Medlar wine currently on the go, I took the opportunity to test some of the adult drinks we had created this year.
Storm Waves in Hope Cove
Here then, is a quick round up of the fruity flavours that I have experimented with over the last year.
Elderberry Port, Medlar & Sloe Wine, Cider
  •       Elderflower Champagne. It took two attempts and some exciting explosions but we had great results in the end. Lessons learned for next Spring/Summer. Plenty of Elderflower Cordial to keep the kids happy throughout the year.
  •       Mulberry Gin. Definitely dangerously delicious! I had to fight the children for the Mulberries.
  •       Blackberry Vodka. What’s not to like?
  •       Raspberry Vodka. A nice contrasting compliment to the other fruit liquors .
  •       Cherry Brandy. I think this still needs some tweaking or perhaps I just don’t like it very much.
  •       Cider. 11 Gallons this Autumn and it tastes much nicer than last year. We will be made some Mulled Cider and mince pies for Christmas parties. Lots of Apple Juice for the children too; I think pasteurisation may be called for next time.
  •       Medlar Wine.  Currently bubbling away nicely, last year’s batch is not bad at all.
    Medlar Wine 2012 Vintage
  •       Elderberry Port. Recently bottled, very successful in previous years.
  •       Sloe wine, still busy fermenting in the demi-jon.
  •       Sloe Gin, a plummy favourite that makes a popular gift. Also a great nip for those cold winter nights.

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