Thursday, 15 October 2015

Apple Day @ the Orchard

Cider Press in the Foreground - Conker Contest in the Background
We are delighted to report that Apple Day at the Mansbridge Community Orchard was a massive success. Thanks to everyone who turned up, joined in and helped make it a truly fantastic day.
Slicing & Dicing
The sun was shining, the trees were loaded with apples, lots of new people (57!) of all ages turned up and joined in. Everyone had heaps of fun and drank/left with gallons of scrumptious Apple juice.
the Apple Conveyor Belt
The basic process goes like this...
Another Load Arrives
Volunteers pick apples and bring them back to the base, then other volunteers cut and mince the apples, using the "scratters" (fruit mills). The pommace (crushed fruit) is then poured into the presses and squeezed, squashed, crushed and compressed until the delicious juice pours out into buckets. This juice is then fed back to the volunteers to keep their energy up and the surplus stashed in various bottles, and containers to take home.
Good Work Girls
This is not going to be a long wordy post, there is no need, I will let the images and films do the talking.
Juiced Rewards
Operating the Big Press
Returning with Another Healthy Hoard
the Evil Quince Pimp Wuhahaha!
Marching Back from the Trees
Team Work
Fun For the Young Too
Sensible Transportation
This Young Man Likes Apples!
Not Pyramids, Sunset Over Southampton Roofs as I Washed the Kit
Now, it must surely be nearly time for Sweet Chestnuts...

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