Monday, 5 March 2012

Another Apple Tree Pointlessly Destroyed

My Daughter Picking Apples in Merlin Gardens
This was once my favourite apple tree and it grew all alone on a small verge by the pavement of Merlin Gardens, in Hedge End, SouthamptonIt was only small but always filled up with the best tasting, rosey red apples that I've ever had the pleasure to bite into. It also had a branch of yellow crab apples grafted onto it.
All the Young Children Join in and That Bucket is Full
These delicious crunchy apples were very easily picked and in 2010 we gathered a couple of big bucketful’s here with friends and children.

2011 and the Tree is Heavily Pruned
 In the winter of 2011 the tree was heavily pruned, so there was no fruit last year but was growing well again during the year and I was hoping for a good crop in 2012.
2012 and the Little Tree is Growing Back
Sadly, some idiot has now cut the tree down, so there will be no more of those lovely crisp red beauties to munch on ever again.
March 2012 - Some Fool has Cut the Little Tree Down
I have no idea who committed this act of vandalism (presumably a person who lives close by and didn't like apples). Writing about and reporting this sad event, will not bring back the lovely apple tree but somebody needs to protest about these things and doing so makes me feel a little bit better.
The Bare Verge Without a Tree
This kind of action should always be reported to the local council tree dept. Many trees are protected and although some people seem to think that they are no better than weeds; this small but beautifully formed tree was an example of all that is good about fruit trees.
The Bare Stump
Now all that is left, is a bare and drilled stump and a pile of sawdust!
Just like this lovely pear tree by Cobden bridge.
Also this apple tree by the Chestnut Avenue roundabout.
I have added the location of all these felled trees to my fruit map.
Holes Drilled Into the Stump, Presumably to Prevent any Growback


  1. How sad and how stupid. Will it cheer you up that I've planted 2 apples, 2 pears and a hazel in the last 18 months in the Southampton area?

  2. I'm always pleased to hear about people planting trees, especially fruit trees.
    I'd be even more happy if they are on public land you told me where they were... ;-)