Monday, 12 March 2012

Mansbridge Community Orchard Walk #1

Brent and Barnacle Geese
A GREAT BIG THANK YOU, to everyone who came along and supported the Mansbridge Community Orchard Walk, everyone had a great time and I even managed to organise some fabulous weather to boot.

It's Always a Shame to See Rubish in the River

My family started off by walking up the river admiring the Brent and Barnacle geese and a stunning Mandarin duck, everyone seemed to be out enjoying the parks and the river.
A Suspicious Glance From The Mallard
In the end, around 35 people gathered on the old bridge, soaking up the warm spring sunshine. It was a very good turn out that included many local people, family and friends, as well as people from the Transition Network and Woodcraft folk.
Setting Off From The Bridge
Luckily, local naturalist and photographer Bob Painton was on hand to guide us carefully through the various regions. Bob was happy to take the reins and is more knowledgeable than I about the area.

Bob Holds Court in the Meadow
Bob lead us through the three main areas of trees, all the way explaining all about the various wildlife and wilderness habitat projects that are being carried out around the green space.
Life Through a Lense
Eventually, we ended up at the playground, so here the kids could have some more fun...
Some More Local Wildlife
This break meant that we could also attack the delicious apple cake that my wife had made; we washed this down with some of my mulled cider and neither lasted very long.

Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree With Anybody Extraordinary...
 The cake and cider were made using apples picked last autumn and stored in my shed; I can’t be sure they were all from Mansbridge but it would be nice to think that this was the case.

Bob in His Element
In a month (sooner if the warm weather keeps up) the orchard will be an even more splendid place for a wander because the apple and pear tree blossom will be bursting through, so keep following the Urbane Forager blog…
Deer  Tracks, Large and Small (and some human ones)

A Rare Wild Creature, Spotted Scurrying About In The Undergrowth...

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