Sunday, 25 March 2012

Pretty as a Picture

Spring is officially here now, the dafodills are out and I've just started on my second barrel of cider. It’s time to get the cameras out... I always like to hear from people who like the pictures used in the Urbane Forager blog. I enjoy taking photographs and often have my camera when we go out on our little adventures; taking lots of shots helps me to build the story.

Shadow of a Cherry Tee on Blinds at Work

I’m no expert, nor do I have special equipment, just a point & shoot camera. I did make sure that I got a robust one, one that can be dropped, dunked, taken to the beach and used by children.
A Fish With Reflected Clouds
The main reason I take nice photos though, is that I’m always looking. I have heard it said that art is really the Act of Looking.
When you look close, you can notice something tiny. When you stand back you may notice something large or distant. It can be about silhouettes, shadows, objects or contrast and colour.
If you don’t take time to look you will certainly never see and even then, you need to be bothered to stop for a minute, get the camera out and take the picture.
Birds on Branches
I think that walking and cycling helps me too, I tend to notice more when I am outside and moving more slowly.
I recently observed the first signs of cherry blossom peeping through. Soon the white haze of plum and blackthorn will be replaced with the rosy/snowy antennae of the cherry trees – they are native to the UK and will be spotted by woodland and along many roadsides. Record the locations and come back later to check for young fruit.
Shortly after the cherry, apple and pear trees will begin to flower, so this will be the best time (apart from autumn) for a wander through the Mansbridge Community Orchard.

Unseasonably Late Snowdrops

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