Thursday, 8 March 2012

Another Lot of Allotment

Another profitable day was spent down at the allotment last weekend. Fortunately we decided to go on Saturday because it snowed on Sunday!
In the morning I had purchased Autumn fruiting raspberry canes, a blueberry bush, some tayberry canes (I wanted loganberry but none were available) and a cherry tree. I also lifted some Summer fruiting raspberries from my garden and took them too.
Plum Tree and Raspberries Planted
I gave the ground a quick digging over to ensure that the manure was mixed in. Fortunately the children were happy to help plant out the raspberries and soon the little patch was looking pretty tidy. I even put some wires between a couple of posts to tie the tricksy Summer raspberries to.

Also a Good Place to Practice Archey Skills
 My friends Pete and Nuala were planting a little plum tree in the next bed and soon enough the cherry tree was in the ground too. The original plan was to plant through a membrane but I forgot about this, so it will be complicated to get that fitted now, if I can be bothered at all.
The Cherry Tree in Foreground
At home the Head Chef and the boy were keenly planting various vegetable seeds in a propagator as well as a few sunflowers, which will brighten up the allotment considerably in due course.
Jonah Gets Some Hose Action Going
The next part of the plan is to build some kind of fruit cage over the top of this little berry-bed. My friend Andy on the Isle of White has told me he can bring me some coppiced hazel sticks. So the rest of the design will be up to me.
And Relax...
Like a re-run of the film Gladiator (I can just see it now)… An enthusiasic amateur armed with a hammer, a hatchet, a net and a pointy stick!
What could possibly go wrong?

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