Friday, 4 May 2012

Fruit into Flowers

After the blossom falls from the fruit trees, it’s a good idea to pop back to your chosen locations and have a quick look, to check if there is any fruit developing.
Baby Cherries
 I already have noticed a lot of miniature plums and cherries. They really seem to be quite prolific at the moment; whether this crop will mature is not yet known but I’m guessing that the very wet April might have helped to plump up these fruits.
Young Plums Go For It
In a month or so we will be able to check out the progress of the young apples and pears too.
 Industrial Estate - Proto Cherries 
 In June, things will start to get very busy; then all your checking, recording and mapping activities will suddenly come into their own and you will once again be able to pick and eat free fresh fruit straight off the trees.

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