Monday, 28 May 2012

Pair of Pears: Urban Regeneration

Like a Phoenix from the flames, my two favourite pear trees, which were so misguidedly chopped off in their prime, are trying their damn best to raise a stubborn two fingered salute to their arboreal oppressors.
Both the pear tree by the bank of the Itchen River and the pear tree by the proposed allotment site in Somerset Road, Portswood, are making significant regenerative progress.
Fresh branches and leaves are already forging their way skyward in an effort to replace the lost limbs and trunks that were so casually cut down. Whether they will eventually be allowed to continue this dramatic regrowth is as yet unknown.
I think we should label the stumps in some way, to make it quite clear that they are fruit trees that should be preserved and encouraged to grow-back to their former productive glory.

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