Friday, 1 July 2011

Brilliant Blackberries

Most people have tried picking blackberries at some point and many still go on annual expeditions with their families. The good news is that they will be here again very soon. The blossom and unripe fruit is already all over the place, the briars beginning to reach out over pavements announcing their presence.
Look Out! You'll Have Someone's Eye Out With That
I spotted my first ripe one of the season yesterday; a single, solitary shiny blackberry in a clump of pink and green fruits. I picked it instinctively and popped it into my mouth...
Blackberry Flowers are Everywhere You Look Now
Possibly, I was a tad premature, it wasn’t quite ripe but it was worth it. As the sweet/sour juice hit the back of my mouth and my tongue turned purple, I was reminded of the feast that is shortly to arrive.
This Looks Like a Good Spot!
So, get your picnic baskets out, pack some extra Tupperware to fill and bring home everyone’s favourite forage. But why stop at blackberries? Follow the Urbane Forager and you will learn how to find much more local fruit for free. If anyone wants to organise or join us on a casual foraging trip, please do get in contact via the Urbane Forager Community Website.
Nearly There Now!
We will be picking more plums this weekend, I suspect…

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