Monday, 11 July 2011

Lunchtime Lunatic

I'm quite sure that my work mates think I'm nuts, so here's confirmation for them...
Apple Trees
I popped out this lunchtime (on my bike) in an attempt to capture some of the variety and abundance of fruit in the area.
First Came The Apples
Apple Trees
I wanted to check on the local apple trees for progress and plum trees for picking.
I was not disappointed.
The apple trees looked just great.
They were loaded.
Red Apples
So many different types...
Green Apples
They taste just as different as they look.
Green Apple
Every apple pip that grows, will result in a new and interesting variety of apple tree.
Green Apples
Which is a very good reason to experiment.
Red Apples on a Branch
Then came the plums.

Red ones.
Cherry like ones.
Yellow Plums
Purple grape like ones with a dusky bloom.
Purple Plums
Very jucy yellow/greengages that burst in your mouth.
Firm fleshed speckled ones.
Speckled Plum
A veritable cornucopia.
Peachy Plums
How long did it take me to take all these photographs and sample the plums?
Yellow Plums
Half a lunch hour!
Cherry Like Plums
The cherries have mostly finished now but there was a similar variety and amount here last month.
Traditional Plums

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