Monday, 11 July 2011

Walnut Whip-Round

I seem to be inexplicably tuned into walnut trees at the moment. It must have been something to do with my recent blog entry. I'm now seeing them everywhere I go, they do look distinctive though and have a unique leaf pattern. It's strange, I though these trees were exotic and now I realise that they are fairly common - I just didn't recognise them before.

As I mentioned in the post Cider Inside 'Er Insides There are also walnut trees in Walnut Avenue (Swathling), although you can only collect nuts from the trees on public ground unles you get permission.There are also trees in Chandlers Ford and I know at least one in the Southampton parks.

Walnuts On The Tree

Most people only eat walnuts at Xmas, but they are a very healthy food and can be used in all sorts of cakes and breads. Our last batch has kept very well (they must be kept dry) and we still have a few left from our 2010 haul.

Yet More Apple Trees

I noticed a lot of apple trees in the wayside too and frequently saw flashes of yellow and red plums in the hedgerows, which just goes to show that the area where I live and work is not some kind of freakish Garden of Eden...

You need to look - but you also need to see!
Walnuts and Their Singular Leaves

I had to travel to Bury St. Edmunds this weekend (no, I didn't cycle). On the way out I noticed an immature tree on the airport roundabout. We stopped on the A11 for a break and there was a huge walnut tree over hanging the car park. On arrival at our destination in Bury, we had a short walk to stretch our legs and I spied yet another big tree laden with fruit.
These Walnuts Have Their Own Guard Horse

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