Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Furry Tentacles
You may have noticed recently, the wonderful, furry, tentacle like flowers adorning Sweet Chestnut trees in the summer.
A Compact Chestnut Tree Flowering In July
They have now turned into the familiar spiky nut cases, although they will not be ripe for a month or so yet.
Scientifically Proven to be One of The Most Prickly Things Known To Man
While we are on the subject of Nutcases...
I found this following little nugget on the internet regarding the "homoeopathic uses" for the flowers of the Sweet Chestnut…
“The flower essence
Sweet chestnut is the remedy for those who feel so stressed, even tortured, that they have reached the limits of their endurance and feel in a state of utter despair. The mind and the body are completely exhausted from uncomplainingly fighting difficulties, cither mental or physical, until a sense of hopeless­ness and complete darkness sets in. In this ‘dark night of the soul’ sufferers may come face to face with themselves and this may prove the catalyst for entering a new stage in life.
The intensity of suffering may push us on to the threshold of inner transformation, and to another level of consciousness. Sweet chestnut helps during such crises in our lives; it enhances the process of transformation that is possible in such a state of despair and helps to prevent us from simply going to pieces and deriving little or no benefit from the experience.”
Why, Thank you - Internet, for supplying us with such appalling English and so much drivel…
We All Know What We Do With These...
You will be pleased to hear that the Urbane Forager will be avoiding this kind of gibberish; and when they duly arrive around October, we will be roasting our chestnuts over an open fire in the traditional way.
That's Better!
Don't Forget To Slit Them First Though
Incidentally, did you know that the Greeks, apparently, call chestnuts Zeus’s Acorns?

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