Friday, 9 September 2011

Hazelnutcases - Things To Do With Kids On A Rainy Day

It was just about the last day of the summer holidays; it was blowing a gale, raining hard and the children were bouncing off the walls.
What should we do?
7Kgs, Not a Bad Little Haul, Note the Apples & Pears Too
Call me crazy but I thought it was a great day for collecting hazelnuts, and as it transpired I was right.
We visited a spot close to where I work. Here the nuts fall onto the pavement, and despite the weather we gathered about 7Kgs in about half an hour. My children worked like squirrels and were delighted by the amount of goodies brought down by the storm.
The Squirrels Removing the Leafy Bits
While we were out, I noticed that some of my favourite apples were falling in the wind, so I grabbed a few of the ripest fruits while my kids, bless em, slipped off to play on the swings in the pouring rain. I got about 9Kgs of the tastiest eaters.
Sorted For Hazel/Cob Nuts
Of course everything was a bit wet when we got home, so we stripped the leafy bits off and then put the nuts and our soaking clothes in the airing cupboard to dry off.
The Usual Suspects For Filberts, Hazel or Cob Nuts
My Usual Suspects, fruit and (now) nut line-ups are becoming a definitive feature of the Urbane Forager blog. The main purpose they serve is to demonstrate the variety of shapes and colours within a species. Cob/Hazelnuts/Filberts are no exception; some are big and round some are small and pointy, some are flatter and some are triangular but they all taste good to eat.
The Usual Suspects Eating Apples - They All Taste Different and Great
Here is another one for the apples we collected this day, they all taste quite unique but these apples (and nuts) were all gathered from a tiny area, within about 30m of each other.

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