Wednesday 28 September 2011

Picknik # 3

St. Mary's Church -  Perfect Location For A Picknik
After the last Picknik's cut-down catastrophy, I was a little concerned that these enjoyable family events might lose some of their momentum but my doubts were unfounded.

Lots Of  Interesting Places

On our arrival we were promptly informed that the variety found here were named the Devils Apples, presumably due to their flame-red skin and flesh (well - let’s hope that’s the reason anyway).

And Here Is The Tree

St Mary’s church is the perfect location for weddings, praying or Apple Pickniks. It is a beautiful quiet, wooded spot out of the hubbub and traffic. My friend Diane had led us to this spot and we had the vicars blessing too; especially as naughty children had been abusing the lovely old church with fruit based projectiles.

Lovely Red Apples

We had a very good turn out with lots of small children running around the churchyard and hiding behind gravestones and bushes.
It's An Initiative Test
There was a nice cherry tree in the yard too and I even spotted a solitary pear on a small tree.
The Pear - I Picked It, Of Course
The buckets, bags and baskets gradually filled up amidst the friendly chatter and the crunching of apples being consumed; they were very sweet and quite ripe, so we must remember to come earlier next time.
This Might Just Work
Then, as we all trooped off down the lane to pick blackberries and check out the sloes we spotted some more apple trees, very much overgrown in the bushes.
That's A Cherry Tree Too
I decided to pop back for my picker and on my way spotted several more in the vicinity.
The Red Devil's at St. Mary's (ho ho!)
I picked a few samples from each tree and photographed them to document the evidence.
I do believe that we may have unearthed the Lost Orchard of Mansbridge and I will be reporting further on these findings in due course...

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