Friday 7 October 2011

Blackberry Ban Battered!

In a bizzare case of, I fought the law and there was none, the city council have stated that there are in fact no laws banning the picking of fruit by families and friends on Southampton Common.
In fact, it turns out that the very designation as Common Land (the clue was in the name), allows locals to use it for fuel, clay and taking berries and other wild natural food. Hopefully this will put the argument to bed and everyone can Keep Calm and Carry On, enjoying the wonderful green breathing spaces that Southampton is rightly famous for, in a respectful and appropriate way.
Saturday's Sun Newspaper
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According to an article in Thursdays’s Daily Echo a new code of conduct is to be drawn up to clarify proper behaviour regarding the Common and the Urbane Forager is to be invited to contribute to it.  Rest assured, I will press for the inclusion of a clause stipulating that family berry, nut and fruit picking should be allowed; although I would personally object to boar (or even squirrel) hunting, brick making (currently allowed apparently) or damaging woodland in the pursuit of fuel.
Front Page of the Telegraph Friday 7th Oct 2011
We Know Which News is The Most Important
I would like to stress that I have never had any personal issues with the City Council, the Hawthorns Urban Wildlife Centre or the maintenance staff that do such a lovely job of keeping our wonderful parks and common so beautiful, I simply wanted clarification of the bye laws.
I would especially like to thank Matt Smith and Sally Churchward of the Echo for their support and Shaun Aquilina of Wave 105 FM. Of course, everyone who supported the the campaign, visited the blog or told people, played their part and I thank you all. It seems that the article went "Viral" and spread, rather like blackberry jam.
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