Monday, 10 October 2011

Hazelnut Chocolate Kamikaze

I thought it was about time that I got around to doing something with all the hazelnuts that we have accumulated over the last month…
10Kgs of Hazelnuts, Should Be Enough To See Us Through Winter
Last Year We Had Lots Of Walnuts
Making the Hazelnut-Chocolate-Spread, something I had promised the children I would do, seemed like an obvious place to start. I guessed that it might be a good idea to do it quickly, when they were not at home and then get the kids to clean the kitchen utensils using their tongues when they got back.
Get Shelling
I shelled the requisite amount of hazelnuts, I had the recipe, the ingredients and all the equipment lined up, everything was going according to plan.
Then suddenly, the Head Chef’s kitchen blender started making a dreadful rattling noise and stopped spinning/blending. Closer inspection revealed the problem was that all the driving cog's teeth had sheared away. In my defence, they did look quite brittle beforehand.
I'm Sure That's Not Meant To Happen...
The Head Chef is Going to Kill Me!
Fortunately, the poor old blender had done just about enough work before it went into its Kamikaze tail spin of self-destruction. Although the finished spread was a little stiff – it tasted just how it should and went down a storm with the kids.

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