Monday, 3 October 2011

The Second Barrel

Apparently the Second Barrel is a term used in poker, it could also be a film by Guy Ritchie but at the Urbane Forager we do not approve of gambling nor criminal film making.

So, we are obviously talking about apple juice or Cider Pressing.

Cider Making - Fun For All The Family

As I fretted over breakfast, about how I could accomplish my aims, I realised that the first problem was composed of containers or more precisely, the lack of them. A lot of buckets are required for storing, washing, pulping, juicing into and fermenting and there didn’t seem to be enough receptacles. In the end, I worked backwards by emptying the first lot of fermenting cider into a barrel, then I set about washing and sterilising everything else including the apple press.

The Battering Ram in Action

Grandma had come over for lunch and to help with the garden – little did she suspect that she was about to be roped into the role of Chief Chopper and Guardian of the Very Sharp Knife. She was obviously very experienced and did a fantastic job, I hope her hands didn’t ache too much the next day.
Red Apples - From The Picknik
As my daughter was off to a birthday party, the boy was in charge of keeping Grandma topped up with washed apples, filling the press and turning the screw. Meanwhile, I was coordinating the chain of buckets, generally shouting encouragement and stirring my tired limbs into continued action with the battering ram, smashing fun. I did eventually resort to the use of power tools – otherwise I feared we would never get the job finished.
Maybe It Will Be A Rose
The lovely soft red apples from the Picknik were first through the mill and their red flesh gave a pink tinge to the juice as it flooded out of the press. Next came the big jucy apples from the common, they produce an essence, which the children have named the White Delight.

White Delight - Apples From Southampton Little Common
Finally, a mixed bucket of the leftovers from the apple store and the Woolston deep-red crunchers were added. By this time my daughter and the head Chef were back into the fray.
Guess What's In That Cup?
Eventually, after I hosed down all the equipment, the weekend of hard labour was over, we had reached my self-appointed objective (5 gallons of apple juice) and I for one - felt we truly deserved a delicious glass of cool, fresh, tasty Apple Juice!

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